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La Puebla panorama. One of two.

Panorama taken above La Puebla, New Mexico.

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Las Vegas Portraits, November, 2013. Six of many.

South Fork Sunset, May, 2012. One of few.

Taken on May 23 in South Fork, Nevada, near Elko.

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South Fork Rainbow, July 5, 2012.

Taken in South Fork, Nevada, between Elko and Spring Creek.

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Las Vegas Portraits, November, 2013. Five of many.

Now-deceased Shoe Tree

The now-deceased shoe tree in Northern Nevada. Some guy with a chainsaw killed it. Taken in 2008 or before.

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Balboa Park, December 29, 2011. One of few.

Peter Schlat admires a toy train museum in San Diego.

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Apricot. RIP: 9-22-2014

Apricot. RIP: 9-21-2014

Mum coyote

Elko was so fun to explore.

Formerly posted on Scenes from Elko, now deceased. Now only partly preserved on Flickr.

The full set the coyote came from on Flickr.

Taken on April 22, 2012.

Easter, 2014. Five of many.

Las Vegas Portraits, November, 2013. Three of many.

Easter, 2014. Four of many.

Car near Goshute, Nevada, 2012. Two of few.

Car near Goshute - 2B BW Small

The car was an unexpected and pleasant find. The meeting slash tour was middling. The drive was interesting and I got paid for the whole thing, from mileage to my time. (I was working at the Elko Daily Free Press.)

It all worked out.

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Las Vegas Portraits, January, 2012. One of very few.

Girl checking her phone in front of the Bellagio fountains on Jan. 1, 2012.

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Car near Goshute, Nevada, 2012. One of few.

I trailed behind a government (Bureau of Land Management, AKA, BLM) and public caravan out to a site near Goshute, marked as one of the horse management areas. Shortly off from us, the pinyon and juniper were thinned. This, as a BLM guy explained, was one of their projects: cut down the P&J.

The entire visit was predicated on the idea of putting up a giant fence to keep the horses in their zone.

(Since it would go over mountains, rivers, streams, everything, etc., it was vaguely reminiscent of the fence on the border.)

On the way back, I stopped off when I saw the Car near Goshute.

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Lake Tahoe in August, 2011. One of many.

On a hot August day in 2011, we headed to the Lake. (Lake Tahoe.)

Armed with a 30-pack of Miller Genuine Draft, (MGD) we parked way on the side of the road and hiked down to the beach. We used the lake’s own temperature to keep our beer cool.

It’s a normal 12-ounce can. That’s just refraction. Refraction and a minnow.

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Tahoe 8-16-2011 1A small

One monochrome, one not so.

Iceicles in May, 2012. One of few. South Fork, Nevada

Landlord left the water on in May. Taken in 2012 in South Fork, Nevada, outside of Elko.

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Santa Fe dusk. July 22, 2014.

From the roof of the state parking garage.

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Las Vegas Portraits, November, 2013. Two of many.

While waiting for the Bellagio fountains, I spied with my telephoto lens . . .


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Easter, 2014. Three of many.

Green is the new gold.

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Las Vegas Portraits, November, 2013. One of many.

Googly. Eyed.

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Easter, 2014. Two of many.

Water. Water. Everywhere.

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Cemetery lights. 2013.

When I first moved to New Mexico, to work at the Rio Grande SUN, I lived with four other people, two dogs and one cat in a converted warehouse in Santa Fe.

I soon decided to make the jump to Española. Once I did, and settled in to my chosen surrounding community, I noticed the graveyard. The graves are decidedly of one flavor or the other. Either, those who lived into, at least, their 80s, or those who died in their 20s or before.

Cemetery lights 1A BW Small

Easter, 2014. One of many.

The contemplation of the young.

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Senseless continued

The descanso for Danny E. Chavez. On a county road in Chimayó, New Mexico. Taken in Spring, 2014. Two of two.

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The head of a Virgin Mary buried in concrete at the foot of a descanso for Danny E. Chavez. On a county road in Chimayó, New Mexico. Taken in Spring, 2014. One of two.

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