Andrew Lopez – Feb. 8, 2009

Officer Justin Montgomery and other Albuquerque Police Department officers begin chasing Andrew Lopez, 19, driving a 1981 Buick Regal. They mistook Lopez for another person suspected in a shooting earlier that night. Montgomery shot Lopez three times. While Lopez laid on the ground, Montgomery approached and fatally shot the motionless Lopez in the chest, killing him.

According to the Findings Letter, “The officer walked around the truck and fired a fourth shot into Lopez’s chest, piercing his lung and heart and causing his death. Lopez was unarmed. The officer fired the fourth and final shot when Lopez was not pointing anything at officers and while he lay on his back already wounded.”

On Aug. 9, 2009, the his family filed a lawsuit against the city. In December 2013, the family of Alan Gomez reaches a $900,000 settlement with the City.

On Google Drive:

CV 2009-09715 – Judgement – Andrew Lopez shooting

CV 2009-09715 Findings of Fact – Andrew Lopez shooting

docket D-202-CV-200909715 Andrew Lopez